100% Cotton.  Made in the U.S.A.  Machine wash cold.  Tumble dry low.



Shirt Colors:  White torso, Cranberry sleeves, Orange binding collar.  Artwork Colors:  Red Plum, Oranges and Pink (water-based inks).


There exists today a flower

named 'Moses' Fire' -

its colors alight

like a burning bush.  A divine fire

seemed to have spoken to her -

akin to the ancient Moshe, in Midian -

for the strength of will

grown up inside of Harriet was

something fiery and mighty indeed.  And,

as testament, those

within The Underground Railroad

called her 'Moses’.

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Great t-shirt, great concept

I love the great American shirts line, especially the ones featuring strong women. They are nice looking shirts that hold up well. I bought this shirt for a third birthday present and paired it with a book on Harriet Tubman.

Great looking T-shirt

Beautiful Colors...