About Us

Hello - We are Okllo!

The name Okllo is pronounced like  'oak' • 'yo' as the 'll' is pronounced like a 'y'. It originates from an Incan myth in which the first mother born was called "Mama Okllo"... 

To us, Okllo is a philosophy for combining design and creativity with ideas of human potential - to make products for kids.  "Inspiration, One Style at a Time" is a favorite phrase of ours, and we are inspired to design for kids to in turn be inspired about life, and about their own potential. 

We live in Los Angeles, CA, USA - however, we think of the whole United States as our location.  The US was built out of many grand ideas, yet the idea most special to us is the concept of E pluribus unum.   {Or, being united by the strength of independent minds, agreeing on the common good for the betterment of our nation, despite all diversity}

Thanks for exploring our site - we look forward to making more product ideas available soon!

The Okllo Team

Lourdes & Seth Minteer

(Co-owners and designers)