Artemis - Plant Color Pastels

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Plant Colour Pastel Crayons - 10 colours
Manufacturer: Artemis - made in Germany
cardboard box, 10 crayons each 13,5x15x60 mm (0.53x0.59x2.36 inch), 10 colours assorted
The Chalk Pastels contain plant colour extracts bound with beeswax which produces a strong but scumbled effect. We recommend using textured paper with chalk as it allows the character of the plant-based colours to show their qualities beautifully.

Plant-based colours are vivacious colours. They have a special relationship to sunlight; without it there is no chlorophyll. Unlike colours made from earth, minerals or metals, plant-based colours have a lively and emotive quality. This liveliness is evident in the fact that they are not just composed of one single colour, but also carry their complementary colour within them. Artemis Plant Colours are made from the parts of plants that contain colour such as leaves, flowers or resins and then filtered, dried, finely ground and precipitated with aluminium oxide. With the help of natural raw materials, the colours are processed in such a way that the emerging pigments have a crystalline colour effect that shines from within, thus retaining the light forces of the plant. Each single colour stands out due to its particular luminosity and colour intensity as well as its scumbling properties and transparency.
colour: blue ¦ carmine red ¦ gold yellow ¦ lemon yellow ¦ orange ¦ vermilion ¦ blue violet ¦ dark green ¦ purple ¦ yellow green