Caran d'Ache - Pablo - Artist Color Pencils

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Dry, permanent leads
Excellent luminance and opaqueness
Wide range of colors

    Superior permanent colored pencils for highest requirements.
    Perfect for mixed media applications, can be used with Supracolor Aquarelle pencils and Neocolor pastels.
    120 colors in assortments and available individually
    Lead:, soft permanent, 3.7 mm, very economical due to their exceptional covering power
    Shaft: hexagonal with pencil end sealed with the same color cap as lead, marked with color name and code.
    Bright colors with excellent lightfastness.
    Constructed with premium grade Cedar.
    Certified: FSC, Forrest Stewardship Council.
    Conforms to EN71 (CE).
    Soft lead requires the use of a sharp, high quality pencil sharpener.