Sakakawea - Legend

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Sakakwea (Sacajawea, Sacagawea).  


Who was she?  


At Okllo, we ask who is Sakakawea - because her great American spirit endures through time.


100% Cotton.  Made in the U.S.A.  Machine wash cold.  Tumble dry low.

GREAT AMERICANS             Sakakawea (Sacajawea) - Legend

Shirt colors:  white torso, purple sleeves, raspberry binding collar.  Okllo original artwork and design.  Ink colors:  reds-greys, blues, purple and red (water-based inks).

Sakakawea (Sacajawea) tee for girls

She helped guide and interpret

for Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

across the Northwest Territory

of the young United States - all

while carrying her infant son along with her. 

That's one impressive lady, in our book. 

Her brave American spirit has endured

for over two hundred years -

as it keeps guiding us forward.